L.E.D.s - Laser's Edge Displays

Laser’s Edge has taken the lighted signage and display market by storm by introducing a line of products called L.E.D.s (Laser’s Edge Displays). Our L.E.D.s are based on our patent-pending light control module and a variety of lighting options that can quickly be assembled into new and unique applications. And best of all - no more wiring or soldering - our L.E.D.s are ready-to-use right out of the box!

Design templates and an easy-to-use light show designer app are available to help you get up and running quickly.

Perfect for signs, displays, artwork, 3D models, and many more applications. The individually controllable lights are the key to bringing life to your displays. Why settle for tired old displays when you can add 'life with lights' by using L.E.D.s.

We supply the lights - you supply the imagination.


Why L.E.D.s 

It’s new.
The latest LED technology is paired with multi-layered design and an easily programmable light show app. And nothing like it has been seen in this industry in decades.

It’s exciting.
Movement and light grabs your attention. Create unique 3D effects in over 16 million colors with amazing clarity – even with photographs.

It’s reusable.
Change your light show, switch out your slides and you can create new signage as often as you like with the cost-effective reusable base.

It’s flexible.
Any lighted display or signage target market need you can think of can be met with this new reusable, programmable solution and integration into new applications is limited only by your imagination.  

It’s cost effective.
Long lasting, low power consumption LED lights perform for 20 years -- plus battery options are available. It also fits seamlessly into your current workflow and product offerings.