Coming Soon!

Laser’s Edge is pleased to announce two new product lines that will be released to the public very soon. Both utilize the programmable LED lights and the reusable base technology that have made the Edge Lights by L.E.D.s so popular.

Back Light by L.E.D.s 

Back Lights by L.E.D.s allow you to pinpoint custom light configurations to bring life to your art, posters, photos, or signs. Unlike typical back lit products, our solution is completely reusable. You can easily move the lights on the board and program a new light show to highlight a new image.

Strand Light by L.E.D.s

Strand Lights by L.E.D.s are perfect for applications that require even more flexibility and customization. Create your own strand configurations, spacing LED lights along the wires to produce a unique lighting solution. Used for 3D displays or model lighting.