Edge Lights - by Laser's Edge

There’s something brand new in lighted displays and signs.

Edge Lights by Laser's Edge combine the latest LED light technology and three layers of engraved acrylic slides with an easy-to-build custom light show to create an animated, 3-D effect unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


The secret is our base and its patented  technology. Constructed of sturdy aluminum, designed for reusability and packed with high-end electronics, you can now refresh and switch out your signage and displays as often as you like.  

Now Available in Three Sizes

Why Edge Lights by Laser's Edge?

They're New - This is illuminated signage unlike any you've experienced before.  We pair the latest LED lighting technology with our patented, easy-to-use custom sequencing light show app.

They're Exciting - Movement and light grabs and keeps attention.  Create unique 3D effects in over 16 million colors with amazing clarity - even with photographs.

They're Easy to Make - Fits perfectly into any engraving or printing business.  Just modify your current graphics to design in three layers and add a product offering that is something brand new in the industry.

They're Flexible - Fits into any lighted display or signage target market you can think of and integration into new applications is only limited by your imagination.


Visit our Gallery to see some of our latest examples.