Business Solutions

Ignite your brand and corporate messages with Edge Lights by L.E.D.s Laser's Edge Displays. Our patent-pending system combines LED lights and sequencing with multi-layer acrylic slides to provide animated, lighted signage unlike any you've experienced before. The result is your logo or product presented with a 3D effect and enhanced with brilliant neon-like color and movement. 

Point of Purchase

You have seven seconds to capture your customer's attention. Change your promotions as often as you like and maximize your investment. Sell more products at the point of purchase and ensure that your brand stands out.

Corporate Branding

Our innovative, never-before-seen marketing tool uses color, LED lights and animation to showcase your product or brand in a whole new way. Affordable and cost-effective, you can bring your most important asset – your brand – to life.

Corporate Awards/Gifts

Are you giving your customers and associates the “worst gifts possible”?  The Edge Light is a gift they will never forget. A handsome display of their name in animated, colored lights will provide the recognition they deserve.