Laser's Edge has made it easy for you to create your own Logo Lights.  Engravers, sign makers, crafters, hobbyist, and Fab Labs can now bring their designs to light using our patent-pending products and methods.

Getting Started

    What you will need...

    1. One of our Logo Light Bases - shop now

    2. Our Light Show Designer App - can be downloaded free from this website.

    3. 1/4" Clear Acrylic Sheets - we recommend Cast Acrylic for the clearest result, however, extruded acrylic will work as well.

    4. Access to graphic software (Illustrator or Corel work best).

    5. Access to a 30W+ Laser Engraver.

    6. Sample Design (for Premium base) - download

    7. Base Template to attach to your design - download

      Steps to make an Logo Light...

      1.  Create your design - view our tutorial.

      2.  Engrave your design on acrylic sheets - view our tutorial.

      3.  Create your Light Show - view our tutorial.