About Us

Our History 

In 2016, founder Craig Mullett was tinkering at his workbench and scratched a 'happy face' in a scrap piece of clear acrylic with a screwdriver. He set the acrylic on an LED flash light and the 'happy face' magically lit up like a neon sign. 

Mullett, a seasoned information technology executive and entrepreneur knew he had beginnings of a new business idea. Research showed that etched or engraved edge lit signage had been around for decades, but no one had progressed past a single acrylic panel. More experimentation and research yielded a reusable base able to light multiple acrylic panels, producing a 3D effect in lights with animation. After developing a successful prototype, he applied for and received a patent.   

Today, Laser's Edge provides Logo Lights - by Laser's Edge for table top displays and Lanyards. From corporate branding and awards to sports memorabilia and school spirit, this new signage technology will capture the attention and light up the imagination of all who see them.